Welcome to 405 Radio!

Over the next two weeks we'll be hitting you with an hour long radio show every night at 7pm. Each show will be different and will be presented by someone new, so don't expect the same show twice.

This post will act as a home for all the radio shows we post, so make sure you bookmark this page. Once shows go live they'll be available to stream 24/7 during the two week period of broadcasting. After that they'll be destroyed, never to be heard again. If you like the shows, or the series, please let us know. If everyone likes the idea of us carrying it on, we will. We already have some great ideas for future shows, including guest presenters, so please let us know how you feel about the series. We won't be offended if you don't like it. We promise.

Please enjoy the series, pass the news on to your friends.

Today's Show


First Folklore // Will Slater

  • A sequence of folk music, old and new, with a commentary on their significance in the grand scheme of storytelling. This is music that man has been spurred to conjure up and reinterpret, as a desire to let others know of love, lust, fear, revenge, nature and significant events. Expect not just acoustic guitars, fiddles and banjos, but a rich variety of ensembles from different eras. Folk music in many forms.

Episode 1: An introduction and taster of what you can expect from this series, including a classic gospel tune, a live session with Sam Amidon and a favourite to win Green Poll 2011.

This show included music from Joanna Newsom, DeVotchKa, Midlake, Kate Bush, Iron & Wine, Plants & Animals, The SeaZora, Bessie Jones and Joe Hisaishi.

What Kind of Language is This? // Brennig Jones

  • 'What Kind of Language is This' is a stroll through a massive range of rich musical offerings from signed and unsigned artists, from around the world, that’s in my New Music Playlist.

Episode 1: This week we include artists I’ve met, worked with, interviewed and fallen in love with. I talk about the festivals I have been to/am going to, talk about Glastonbury and discuss the nature of gigs.

This show includes music from Secret Rivals, She Makes War, Long Dead Signal, The Gadsdens, Missy Higgins, Yunioshi, Danny Rhymez and Matty B, The Rock of Travolta, The Good China, Night Noise Team and Breed 77.


Fashionably Late // Jake May

  • One hour of some of the best new music from the UK and around the world - the pop, the psychedelic, the electronic, the lo-fi and the downright weird. Hoping to introduce some new bands that you won't have heard of, as well as some new material from older bands that you probably will have.

Episode 1: Lots of new music, plenty of new bands. Featuring music from the new The Victorian English Gentlemens Club album Bag Of Meat, a new song from the every-hyped but always excellent Bos Angeles, and a chat with David from DIY label Art Is Hard Records.

This show included music from The Victorian English Gentlemens Club, Mozam Beaks, Best Friends, The Black Tambourines, Bewilder, Bos Angeles, Let's Wrestle, Yung Mums, Yawn, Being There, BAANEEX, At The Heart Of It All, The Bell Peppers, Adam Taylor Young.

Favourite Son // Chris Hay

  • Favourite Son is a show dedicated to grassroots music from Scotland. It will probably centre on the indie/alternative genre, but there are not any strict rules to what will be played, the aim is simply to play the up and coming, and unsigned talent from North of the border. Expect upcoming and new releases, a host of free download tracks, exclusive downloads, and if this is all a bit unfamiliar, a well known cover each episode.

Episode 1: Welcome to the very first epsiode of Favourite Son for The 405 Radio. There's a host of tracks from independent Scottish artists, including brand new releases by Conquering Animal Sound and Mitchell Museum, and an unintentional barrage of free downloads, including an exclusive download for the show from Friends Are Friends Head to www.friendsarefriends.com to get a free copy of their track 'Two To Tango' for the duration of time the show is on air.

Full tracklisting will be available after the show.


New Music Live // Hector Barley

  • New Music Live aims to present the best in new and up coming music. In a world drowning in new bands, the show is an attempt to give a snapshot of some of the best. New Music Live is a mix of bands submitted to us at the 405 and other up and coming favourites.

Episode 1: As probably goes without saying, the show is full of up and coming bands some of which you may have heard before and others that you hopefully haven't. The show also features the 'Best New Band of the Week' feature which this week is Canadian singer/songwriter Daniel Isiah.

This show included music from Washed Out, The Magic Lantern, Grand Prix 86', Howth Daniel Isiah, Miracle Fortress, Paleo, Jeffrey Paul Lupo, Will Samson, Le Fever and Praything.

Mills Mix // Patrick Mills

  • The aim is to provide the listeners with some upbeat, electronic/house tunes to pick them up at that dull midpoint of the week. Expect new artists and the old, high tempo hooks, low-fi tones and maybe even a bit of pop squeezed into this electro blend.

Episode 1: The 1st installment of Mills Mix, consisting mainly of new electronic/house and maybe a tincy bit of pop. Featuring a 10 minute mix from one of my favourite new bands Get People, some classic Chemical Brothers and new stuff from SBTRKT and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

The show featured tracks from Gold Panda, Jamie xx, Totally Enourmour Extinct Dinosaurs, SBTRKT, Ratcliffe, Get People, Chemical Brothers, Tom Vek, 2 Bears, Delphic, Friendly Fires.


405 Eras // James Canham

  • The aim of the show is to go through eras and times and pick out the best bits of their scenes. It's not about documenting the scene, it's not about staying pure to roots or trying to crate dig the rarest stuff - it's simply about finding what's great in every scene out there. It will be old and new, I want to find contemporary bands being influenced and inspired by old great music.

Episode 1: Just as a taster of the awesomeness of garage and where future shows are coming from, here's two 30 minute sets of 60's garage and modern wailers. Expect The Sonics, Fair Ohs and possibly even Kiss (you'll find out)...

This show included music from The Pretty Things, The Sonics, The Litter, The Electras, The Small Faces, The Explosive, The Calico Wall, The Seeds, The Count 5, MC5, Wicked Lester, Fair Ohs, The Black Lips, Graffiti Island, Cave Weddings, Male Bonding, The Strange Boys, Lovvers, Let's Wrestle, Ariel pink, Lovvers, Crystal Stilts.

Camera Shy // Will Cook

  • Microsoft Sam guides you through a mix of music made up of classics and lesser known greats from the ethereal to the cerebral. Its music to watch windows to. Music that allows for absent meanders through the syntaxes of your memories and also songs that are just plain rad.

Full tracklisting will follow the show.


The Ymmit Tapes: Tagged as Glitch, Bass and/or Electronica // Tim Boddy

  • In this here Volume 1 of the Ymmit Tapes, you will find an array of electronic music that should sound lovely with a set of bassy speakers, when turned up to neighbor-complaining levels naturally. Featured will be the kind of music not easily genre-fied, yet with a collective ethos and sound - with a couple of other oddities thrown in along the way; it is Friday evening folks.

Also discussed is the delightful Melt Festival in Germany, which Digitalism will be talking us through.

This show included music from Vondelpark, Hip Love, Jamie xx, Gil Scott-Heron, Becoming Real, Hot Chip, Bobby Conn, Gang Colours, SBTRKT, Addison Groove, Grauzone and Fleetwood Mac.

Hei // Ben Mainwaring

  • This humble radio offering is a collection of some lovely Norwegian songs from kind and handsome Norwegians that sing them well. I trust they find you as fondly as they have I. Thanks internet.


The Arroyo Set // Jon Buchanan

Using chill-wave and down-tempo to engineer a uniquely Southern California ambiance.

This show included music from Shine 2009, Kauf, The New Division and Southern Shores.

Gold Soundz // Colin Joyce

Every other Saturday I'll take you back through the sands of time to a golden age of indie rock--one that I, and many people highly involved in the music world today didn't get to fully appreciate the first time around. From the tried and true favorites to dusty CDs long lost to bargain racks at your local record store, it'll certainly be an education. These are songs you should know.

This show featured music from Pixies, Weezer, Built To Spill, Cap'n Jazz, Pavement, Eric's Trip, Dinosaur Jr., Stereolab, Guided By Voices, The Replacements, Heavenly, Heatmiser, Joy Division, Modest Mouse and The Microphones.


Movie Madness // Oliver Primus

  • Movie Madness is about celebrating films that we enjoy. Whether it's a love of the soundtrack, the film, or both, we aim to bring some cinematic joy into your life.

Episode 1: In the first episode of 'Movie Madness' we take a look at one of the greatest films of all time, Forrest Gump.

This show included music from Duane Eddy, The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Mamas & The Papas, Joan Baez, Simon & Garfunkel, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, Fifth Dimension, Jackie DeShannon, Jimi Hendrix and Scott McKenzie.

Soundtrack To Your Summer // Dan Cook

  • Are you still looking for that perfect soundtrack to your summer? Well tune in, sit back and relax as Dan Cook recommends ten great albums for Summer 2011. There is something for everyone as we span rock to r'n'b, folk to soul and dance to hip-hop. The perfect way to wind down on a Sunday evening.

Tracklisting to follow the show.