Imagine if democracy didn't exist. Nobody would ever ask the public's opinion about anything. Thankfully, it does exist. Whether it truly works, mmm, ok, but we like the idea anyway. We like the idea of listening to people, instead of telling people what to listen to; we like the idea of asking people their opinions, instead of just spouting our own.

Music, like all art, is totally subjective. And with music being as multifarious as it is, there are literally thousands of possible songs, albums and artists that could have made your year. Maybe you have just been listening to Beyoncé all year. Even so, it's interesting to know what people have been digging, what's been floating people's boats, making their days, weeks, months, making their whole year. Because it's not all about online music publications as the final say – all we do is present one slice of a damn big (damn tasty, but very filling) pie. We want to make that slice of pie even tastier (and bigger!) with your opinions, your choices for what's been good this year. So we did— here, have a helping.

The Readers' Poll will close on December 8th, with the results to be published shortly after. Oh, and we'll giving away a pretty great prize to one lucky entrant (Update: look below!) - so don't sleep on this.


To say thank you for entering this poll, we're giving away a Sonos PLAY:1 speaker! Pretty great right? We're actually giving away two speakers this year because you've all been so nice (details here).

The 2014 Readers' Poll has now ended. You can read the results by heading here.