The 405 Records Club follows Ben from Lazy Acre Records as he pontificates on random things and then presents a new free mp3 every fortnight. Sajama Cut and Record Store Day It's been difficult to go anywhere on the blogosphere this week without seeing any mention of Record Store Day and without wanting to be labelled as one of the crowd that’s exactly what I want to talk about today. As something of a ‘comic relief for the music shop’, held on a yearly basis to try and drum up support and custom for indie record stores the world over, Record Store Day has done an amazing job of re-emphasizing year on year the importance of indie record stores and does do amazing work. I remember as a youngster spending hour upon interminable (to the poor girls I used to take there on a date) hour in Record Stores. Every new town I visited the first port of call was always the local Record shops. And it meant that my travels were usually intertwined with the soundtrack. Hence I can remember picking up 'Highway 61' in Chesterfield on a drunken weekend with uni friends, Some rare Hendrix sessions in Paris and Lambchop in Nuneaton on a weekend back home from London. These hours were the core of what (if I was an utter wanker) could be called my musical education. The slightly older kids with the exotically named band t-shirts and blue hair were the guys that introduced me to Neutral Milk Hotel and Idlewild and all these other bands that would have probably remained outside of my CD collection. As you get older though work and life and kids and all these other things take up time and there honestly isn’t enough time to go and spend this amount of time hanging around listening to new music nor the money to take a punt on something new and random either. Its why digital is perfect for me in some ways because its instant and easy and cheap. I'm sure if the 16 year old me met me now he’d be disgusted with such an attitude! The problem I fear facing record store days though and the reason they find themselves in the position they do now is not one of pure economics but also a generational shift. Where in my youth the record shop was an attractive way of spending a few hours because we could and because it was free, nowadays kids don’t need that place to fulfil that kind of function. In an age where attention span seems to be ever shortening the allure of spending hours browsing dusty vinyl cant compete with Spotifys library and discography torrents all available at a click and all for free. Thus saving money for happy meals and heroin or whatever it is these kids wanna spend their money on these days. All of which leads me to what I fear might be the Achilles heel of the Record Store Day concept; that the day doesn’t target these kids. The kids of today and tomorrow aren’t interested in Smiths re-issues or Fall 7”s – these releases are catering for almost exclusively the kids of my generation and older. This crowd however is going to dwindle ever further over time and to me there doesn’t seem to be much in the line up of releases to get the next set of kids in through the door. I love vinyl. I love record store day. I love record stores don’t get me wrong. The above is not a eulogy for the record store for I believe that music will forever be a part of the fabric of retail and of the social experience I just think it is need of a dire overhaul if the network of indie stores that introduced millions of us to our new favourite bands are to avoid going to the wire. How this is done? Honestly I don’t know. The genie is out of the lamp as far as free music and mp3 goes – this isn’t going to change, the ability to build that into a business model to sustain a record store in 2011 though is going to be imperative if they are going to survive to educate the next generation of record buyers. This weeks track kind of ties into my own celebration of Record Store Day and features a band called Sajama Cut who will release a new single on the big day through my own Lazy Acre Label. Indeed they will also be streaming a live session through our website from Jakarta in honour of the big day. Sajama Cut are a multi-vocalled melody machine from Jakarta who reminded me instantly of Fleet Foxes and the Beach Boys with their massed banks of harmonies and intertwining vocals but who on deeper reflection come off with several shades of Bunnymen gloam and moody introspection on their guitars – like a lullaby from a stalker. The band released the album Manimals last year which is well worth a listen (you can check them out online) but today's track is 'Twice (Rung The Ladder)' which is featured on the bands ep Chinese Magicians which is released tomorrow via   For now enjoy record store day. Please do ensure that if you only have to chance to visit one record store this year that its tomorrow. There are some amazing records coming out for the day and there are amazing people waiting to introduce you to loads more. In spite of my fears above I genuinely do think there is still a place for the humble record store in our towns and cities across the UK – they’re like the Pandas though on those WWF adverts; if they go they might not make it back again. Happy RSD2011 everyone Much Love, The Lazy Boy x