I woke up this morning to a rather lovely email from Jack 'Can't take it to the hole - aka Woody Harrelson' Clothier. It enclised a simple link to a blog post he created (click here to view ). Essentially it was a little thing we like to call 'Trash Talk'. I'm very surpised that Jack even knew what trash talking meant. He clearly peppered his post with various bits of trash but I don't think he knows what it REALLY means. This got me thinking about that classic film, 'Whit Men Can't Jump'. Do you remember the scene when they're in the car and they're talking about Jimi Hendrix and how Woody can only listen to Hendrix, but he can't HEAR him. That's the situation we're in. They know they're trash talking but they don't know how to do it properly yet. Jack Alcopop and Kevin BSM = A white man that can't jump. Simple. I think it was a very wise choice to ask The 405 to DJ because they know as soon as they attach our name to something, instantly their credibility shoots through the roof, so well done for having the brains to figure that one out but when doomsday arrives, we'll be droping bomb after bomb after bomb and no EU treaty is gonna save your white ass. I expect a reply by midnight.