Lovebox is a chameleon of a festival; here you have punters attending for every reason: to enjoy an afternoon in the sun, for the music, or to dance the night away with their pals. Next to the girls drenched in glitter snapping their latest insta you have the hardcore fans of the acts, screaming along to every word, each person enjoying their trip to Victoria Park for a different reason. This is one of the reasons Lovebox works so well – as it provides a good time for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a festival veteran or it’s your first flirtation with the festi lifestyle.

This year for its 15th anniversary, Lovebox went all out. As thousands of bespangled bodies descended on East London, they were welcomed with open arms, and a huge lineup of the biggest hitters in dance and R&B.

Sampha cut an unassuming figure on stage. The soulful vocalist has plugged away for years, gradually building up a fan base and slowly releasing music, culminating in the release of his debut record Process this year. On the Noisey stage he slung his way through rich arrangements of tracks from his first album, all ending in a blistering showdown of finale ‘Blood On Me’.

Solange followed him, in what was the standout performance of the day. Soaring through tracks from her Grammy winning record A Seat At The Table, the vocalist and her band were a well-oiled machine. All slick vocal licks and perfect choreography, Solange battled illness to provide a stellar show.

As the sun set over the mainstage Jamie xx got the crowd grooving before Frank Ocean’s headline show. Only scratching the surface of his acclaimed debut In Colour, instead the young DJ played retro jams and The xx remixes, amongst his own bangers.

After anxiety from fans over whether he would show, Frank Ocean ambled onto the mainstage 25 minutes late. Building a runaway through the crowd, Frank Ocean’s introspective set was one that divided the audience. The show itself was stripped back and relaxed. Instead of showing clear footage of the performance, the huge screens showed artsy footage shot by director Spike Jonze, and although this would be fantastic to watch back, it left those further towards the back of the crowd unable to glimpse what was going on.

Difficult viewing angles and poor sound quality left the audience restless and disengaged, with many around us deciding to leave early. That being said, Ocean’s vocals were stunning throughout, and the entire performance received rave reviews from those closer to the front – so it could have been about where you were stood. Energy was injected back into the crowd from the first notes of ‘Thinking About You’, where the singer could stand back and allow the thousands of punters do his job for him. After ‘Nikes’ his set drew to a halt, due to an 11pm curfew, with people complacent that they “didn’t hear the hits”. It could have been a killer set, but it just missed the mark. Lovebox, you could have been perfect, just turn up the speakers next time.