On the 13th of June 2009 The 405 team set up camp in Primrose Hill for the first ever 405 Rumspringer and like most first time events, it didn't start off that well. Missing gazebo pegs, a bleeding thumb, nobody arriving and a backdrop that made the gazebo turn into sail boat all added to the stresses of day that was WAY too hot. Thankfully by around 3pm people started to arrive and the accumulated stress turned into pure joy as everyone seemed to enjoy Samantha's home made cakes, my rather epic music choice (hell yeah on the Edward Scissor Hands Soundtrack) and the summer heat. At around 6pm the wonderful Stagecoach boys descended upon the gazebo to bust out an absolutely amazing acoustic set. I've seen them quite a few times now but the way they arrange their songs acoustically is quite special. Perfect harmonies filled the summer sky and the jingle jangle of guitars and mandolin managed to attract a few passers-by. Unfortunately my camcorder died half way through the set but we did manage to capture a few songs for you to watch. *I apologise for the poor quality of the video (naughty Youtube) As far as "frowned upon" (we broke about seven park rules) events go, the first ever 405 Rumspringer festival was an absolute joy. So, what next then? Expect The 405 Rumspringer #2 to be bigger, better and generally the best one day mini festival you'll ever go to. See you in three weeks! - The 405