Polands's Open'er Festival has firmly established itself as one of Europe's largest and most successful music festivals, having been around since 2002.

So what can you expect from four days in the huge former military airfield Kosakowo in Gdynia, on Poland's North coast? An expansive array of acts ostensibly from many genres, and many on the superstar level - here are some of the ones we'll be most looking forward to.

LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy and team LCD may not be spending eighty-five days in the middle of France, but they are spending a decent of time on this continent over the summer in various European festivals as part of their reunion bonanza- including Open'er (well obviously, that's why they're on this list). Expect a lot of love, joy, and dancing for what will surely be one of the highlights.

Sigur Rós

Another act to file under 'Acts That Defined Music in the 00's For People Of a Certain Age', Sigur Rós are back on the road once again. The Icelandic post-rock/multi-genre(d) Gods have a wealth of material under their belts now, so what to expect in a festival environment? Greatest hits? Heavy on the new stuff? Speaking of new stuff, 'Óveður' was revealed just last week so this new stuff can't be far away now.


I Can't Do Without EU Dan Snaith wittily posted on the UK's In/Out Referendum day. Sadly it wasn't enough - but that's okay as we can all cry-dance together with the wholly absorbing and joyous sounds of Caribou. Another one that just 'works' in a festival environment.


Grimes is kind of made for festivals, isn't she? Free-spirited weirdo-pop to throw your body around to and wail around abstract/dark lyrics at the top of your voice. What's not to like. Expect plenty off one of the albums of 2015 - that is of course Art Angels. Hopefully in-tow with hypnotic dancers like on her tour. And when there's a Grimes there's a Hana, who is also playing the festival.

Vince Staples

There were few (any?) greater rap records in 2015 than Vince Staples' Summertime '06 - heavy on the political backdrop and heavy on the tunes. With an album exploring such a personal, self-aware, and raw angle, it should surely make for a gripping set.