This year’s Tropicalia in Pomona, California features a stellar cast of emerging and upcoming artists. From the likes of Kali Uchis and Chicano Batman to burgeoning acts such as Cuco, Boy Pablo, Omar Apollo, and The Marias, there’s no short supply of the hottest acts around in the bedroom-pop scene. For the purpose of this list, we wanted to take a look at some other artists that are surely worth your time if you’re headed out on Day 2 (Sunday, 10 November) to the festival.


Surf Curse

Surf Curse is an indie rock duo of LA-based songwriters Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck. On the band’s recently released third record, Heaven Surrounds You, the pair expands their eclectic sound to what is their most seasoned album. Combining indie rock, dream-pop, tinges of lo-fi, mild garage-rock and art-rock, the record flourishes with sonically captivating arrangements. It's an honest, sometimes painful journey through the uncertainties of life, but it also offers up true beauty that’s waiting to be discovered. Look out for the track ‘River's Edge’, a lush, visceral sonic highlight from Heaven Surrounds You.


The Virginia Beach-based dream-pop outfit Turnover just released their stellar fourth LP, Altogether on Friday. Produced by longtime collaborator Will Yip, Altogether finds the trio exploring a deeper resonance with a matured approach to songwriting. New songs like ‘Still In Motion’, ‘Much After Feeling’ and ‘Number on the Gate’ glide with dreamy textures and reflective songwriting sequestered in a daydream environment to become lost within. Hopefully they play the track ‘Parties’ from the new record; the track features a relaxing sonic resonance with the amalgam of nimble guitars, delicate vocals, and wiry basslines. It steers through a narrative about anxiety and trepidation within shared surroundings.

No Vacation

Brooklyn-via-San Francisco trio dream-pop No Vacation is comprised of Sab Mai, Nat Lee, and Harrison Spencer. The trio specializes in the echoes of shoegaze with a throwback to ‘90s alt-rock. Their songwriting is impeccable piloting through stark romanticism and lovelorn lyricism. This was evident on last month’s EP release, Phasing. It’s a 5-track collection weaving through ethereal guitars, vocalist Mai’s pacifying lilt, and nostalgic tendencies. Look out for them to perform the track ‘Changes’, a sunbaked offering elevated by the dreamiest of melodies to aid you through your own personal changes.

Goth Babe

Griff Washburn, better known as Goth Babe, lives life to the fullest. Living off the gird in his 1996 Ford F-250 between his stays in California and Oregon, he’s more focused on brighter things in life than how many likes his latest photo on Instagram is getting. Removed from social media hoopla, Goth Babe’s music is soaked in a West Coast feel—the kind of feelings that guide you through the heaviest of heart moments. He’s been steadily dropping singles since 2016 with last month’s track ‘Her Vacation’ being his most recent offering. Melodic, mellow, hazy all come to mind in describing his overall cadence. With a penchant for the outdoors and Mother Nature, there’s a definite beauty to be found embedded in Washburn’s euphoric sound and ruminating songwriting.


Glossy indie-pop quartet HUNNY is enamored with ‘80s new wave and ‘90s pop and it clearly shows on their 2019 debut LP Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Comprised of singer Jason Yarger, guitarist Jake Goldstein, bassist/keyboardist Kevin Grimmett and drummer Joey Anderson, HUNNY’s shiny tones and dance-y beats offers up pure escapism from the soon to be wintertime blues. While comparable to acts like COIN, flor, and Bad Suns, the southern California act provides enough catchiness, infectious energy, and unequivocal pleasure to differentiate themselves from the crowded pack. Expect them to play ‘Change Ur Mind,’ an intoxicating endeavor that is brimming with accelerative verses and swaying choruses all while nestled in synth-pop splendor.

For more information on Tropicalia, head over to their website.