We've all been there; you've finally gotten a chance to relax after a hectic day (or probably more realistically, a heavy day of procrastinating and avoiding work) to slump onto the couch ready to begin the search for something amazing to watch on Netflix. But then, in the hour it takes to dig through the endless amount of Gossip Girland Transformers recommendations looking for something worthwhile, you just can't be bothered with it anymore.

So we're here to help. Instead of wasting away your weekend scrolling through the same lists over and over again hoping to find a hidden gem you might have missed on your first ten browses of the homepage, we at The 405 are going to make things easy for you. Every weekend we'll be recommending five of the best films that Netflix has to offer, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, you won't have to spend an age trawling through the gutter of everyone's favourite streaming service.

American Psycho (2000)

Recommended Viewing Time: Saturday 10pm
"I like to dissect girls. Did you know I'm utterly insane?"

There was honestly a little part of me cautious about making this film the main focus of the article, because really, a great deal of you may have already seen the 2000 cult classic American Psycho. But for those of you who might have already dismissed the film upon a first watch or for those who simply assumed the flick would be nothing other than a cheap, pre-fame Christian Bale slasher - it's absolutely imperative that you give this darkly funny romp a fair chance.

The margin for failure that came will adapting Bret Easton Ellis' infamous horror story was huge - yet director Mary Harron imbues the film with so much personality and passion that the daunting task of translating the page to the screen feels absolutely effortless. This transition is helped of course by the fact that Christian Bale is the quintessential Patrick Bateman; channelling the humour that's so inherent to the novel of the same name, the actor's ability to instantly switch from comically bat-shit insane to brooding and subtly menacing makes for a gripping and exciting unhinged lead character. And honestly, this sheer unpredictability from the main ''protagonist' is what keeps the film fresh from scene to scene and what prevents the movie from succumbing to the temptation of becoming a run-of-the-mill slasher in the latter half.

There's so many great set-pieces and the way the film escalates from small-scale off camera kills to fully-blown explosions of gore makes it a gripping piece of cinema to experience. Unlike so many other horror-comedies that act like the two concepts are mutually exclusive, you'll come away from American Psycho shocked to your very core - but also with a few brilliant one-liners you'll be quoting for weeks afterwards.

Mary and Max (2009)

Recommended Viewing Time: Sunday 8pm
"Max knew nothing about love. It was as foreign to him as a salad sandwich."

With its beautiful animation, witty but dry humour and a great sense of pace and storytelling, Mary and Max is simply one of the best animated films to come out of the past ten years. Hell, it's one of the best films to come out of the past ten years, period. The movie will make you cry, it'll make you laugh, but more than anything else, it will making you feel dumb for falling so deeply in love with these heart-warming but dorky cartoon characters.

Filth (2013)

Recommended Viewing Time: Saturday 8pm
"Happy Christmas and all that shite."

Bouncing around the screen like a real life cartoon, Filth would be utterly offensive if it didn't play everything so over the top. One of the most uncomfortable films to be released in recent memory, at times the picture, based on Irvine Welsh's detective novel of the same name, does go too far in its attempt to be the seediest flick around. It's not for everyone, but if you like your protagonists terrible, your vulgarities plenty and your humour as black as night, Filth might just be for you.

Drinking Buddies (2013)

Recommended Viewing Time: Sunday 6pm
"That's the problem with heartbreak, to you it's like an atomic bomb and to the world it's just really cliché."

Although mumblecore movies get a hard time for being 'dull' or 'boring', these short slice of life pictures can often provide the best alternative watching if you've found yourself exhausted by some of the other high-concept films on this list. They aren't for everyone, but the simplicity of movies like Drinking Buddies can perfectly encapsulate all the joy, frustration and heartbreak that comes with day-to-day living.

City of God (2002)

Recommended Viewing Time: Friday 9pm
"It was like a message from God: 'Honestly doesn't pay, sucker.'"

While a tale about warring factions in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro could have been played as cripplingly dark and depressing as the description sounds, City of God presents an ultimately aspirational tale centred on the noble ideal of not succumbing to the influences of your surroundings. Told with a surprising stylistic confidence and boasting a great cast of funny and memorable characters, this vibrant crime thriller stands out as one of the best gangster films of the entire 2000s.

One to avoid:

Left Behind (2014) // Recommended Viewing Time: Never.