To say that we are excited for Ypsigrock would be an understatement.

The boutique festival is nestled between the Mardonie mountains and the deep blue Mediterranean sea, in the medieval town of Castelbuono, on the island of Sicily. Where it's currently 34 degrees with zero chance of rain. Did I mention that it's in a castle?

It's in a castle, ffs.

It's ridiculously inspiring that a festival could be run for 20 years by a small group of friends, who would slowly but surely cultivate a corner of the world to champion local talent, before cherry picking the hippest of international bands to join them in their beautiful surroundings. That is, however, what Ysigrock is all about.

Existing in stark contrast to the corporate festivals that we are used to in the UK. Not just because of the weather or the surroundings - the intent seems different. There is no aspiration to grow into some awkward behemoth, which has ruined so many other festivals. It seems to be the kind of festival that focusses on getting the small things right and let's you go and tell your friends about them.

On top of all that, the bands that are playing this year are great. The likes of Kiasmos, Daughter, Savages and Crystal Castles immediately jump out as being A+ festival bands, but it's when you explore further down the line up that it starts to get really exciting. Check out the playlist below to hear songs from all 23 bands listed to play the festival, consider it your starting point to explore outwards, even if you're not going to the festival you can find some excellent music to listen to:

There are still a handful of tickets left if you want to book your flights and join us.