The Superfantastics are a prime example of a band that spent time deciding on the right band name, or at least chose the correct one. Hailing from Nova Scotia, this two piece indie-pop band have just finished touring our rainy capital and from what we heard, they certainly made an impact. Musically they make all the right moves but from a personal level it was nice to meet such amazingly enthusiastic people. They seemed genuinely happy to be over here and grateful that people were coming out to see them. That holds a lot of weight in my opinion. As always, those magical Youtube monsters have compressed the hell out of the two videos - though for some reason one video has come out cool whilst the other hasn't. One day we'll crap their magical code. I promise.
MP3: The Superfantastics - Oh How You Used To Know Me Well Back Then (405 Session) MP3: The Superfantastics - Rites Of Spring (405 Session) This session was recorded in the basement of The Hope & Anchor (thanks guys!) and hopefully showcases a band that deserve to be huge.