After a week off, I can tell that you are all absolutely raring to go with a little music and voting, so without any further ado I'd like to introduce you to the absolutely sensational musical stylings of Vinyl Jacket. Whilst there are further releases from the likes of Ben Howard, S.C.U.M and Sophie Barker, it is your favourite new Newcastle five-piece who comfortably take our title of Single of the Week with superb 'Koala'. With the festival season in full swing and, quite honestly, new singles a tad thin on the ground, it's a pleasant surprise to find such healthy week for tracks. Get down on it guys and have a bloody good vote at the bottom.

Vinyl Jacket – 'Koala'


As promised, here is the quite delightful 'Koala' courtesy of Vinyl Jacket, replete with the trademark harmonies and intricate synths. The outrageously talented group of students have garnered ever increasing coverage following the viral success of 'Painting Stations' and their subsequent championing across the BBC from Huw Stephens. Following the footsteps of Everything Everything, the act use shimmering, glittery electronics combined with falsetto acrobatics to staple an already unique sound. The call and response echo is impossibly fresh, whilst the courageous little dub effect is surprisingly apprpriate.

S.C.U.M – 'Amber Hands'

The nineties revival continues for the music industry, as the latest effort from S.C.U.M drops today, with the brooding, menacing guitars dropping just short of the successes of The Horrors. The leering, nasal voice meets the snare just before the line dividing edgy with pretentious, as the track approximates the difference between effortlessly cool and trying too hard. This is a song which actually approaches epic, with the subtle strings moving the track on from the Jesus and Mary Chain comparisons that the initial riff anticipate. Lovely stuff.

Ben Howard- 'The Wolves'

Recorded as part of the 'Protect Our Waves', a campaign I can't promise to support as a person who struggles not to drown in the shower, this is a casual, Alt-J ballad that looks at Bombay Bicycle Club's acoustic work. I defy you not to tap your foot down to the bone listening to this, it offers a lush new perspective of the current folk scene.

Sophie Barker – 'Bluebell'

I'll admit to being totally thrown by the first ten seconds of this song, opening on Tinariwen blues before opening up into your far more conventional Radio Two love song. Not that this is a problem, Tom Williams and the Boat and Caitlin Rose are huge with Jeremy Vine et al, and to be honest it makes a nice change from all the lo-fi buzzing about. You get your funky, energised hook behind the honeyed vocal, and it actualy all adds up to something rather delicious.