Welcome to yet another singles round-up brought to you by the delectable 405. I’ve been using and abusing my ears to listen to all of this month’s latest releases – hear ye, hear ye, here come the opinions. Alexander Robotnick – Obsession for the Disco Freaks (20/04/09) Slightly sinister offering from Italian underground electro mentalist Alexander Robotnick. It’s hypnotic, for sure, but perhaps a little too repetitive for my restless tastes. Good for those who are into minimalist electro and mind-twisting, nightmare-inducing vox bites. I can see this one in line for some pretty decent remixes, though. Rating: 6/10 Link: www.myspace.com/alexanderrobotnick The Parlotones – Giant Mistake (27/04/09) Not one for handing out magnificent puns freely, I will remain reserved for this one. The song itself, is dull. The lyrics? Dull. I googled for some pictures of the band. Dull. Apparently they’ve been around for a while now. Soppy, insipid, uninspired, indie pop drivel. Hello? Is that Snow Patrol? Yes? Fuck you and your spawn of soppy insipid and uninspired indie pop bands that exploded into the mainstream after your ‘Eyes Open’ orgasm. Rating: 1/10 Link: www.parlotones.co.za White Light Parade – Wake Up (04/05/09) Sounds a bit like Charlie from Busted. Oh, sorry, Fightstar. Whatever. But hang about, Fightstar have a bit more punch than this, don’t they? This song’s too weak to sound anything other than wishy-washy and lazy, and sort of bounces back and forth between trying to be straight-up rock and just sounding like bland, generic indie. Wake up? Wake me up. Rating: 2/10 Link: www.myspace.com/whitelightparade Georgia’s Horse – As It Stops Raining (Various Production Remix) (04/05/09) I wanted to like this one so much, but after the umpteenth listen, the computerized bastardization of Teresa’s voice failed to draw me in. You see, Georgia’s Horse aren’t bad. They’re not bad at all. But this is like that scene in Toy Story where Sid sticks the pterodactyl head onto the body of his sister’s doll. It just ain’t right. Various Productions – how could you turn sweet, ear-pleasing folk into plastic, two-toned rubbish that only the likes of Lady GaGa deposits into her latrine? Disappointing. Rating: 4/10 Link: www.firerecords.com Runnerz – I’m Lost (04/05/09) Oh my God. What the fuckery is this? Horrific, says I! Apparently this Israeli pop-duo used to be called Knob. That, I’m not even going to bother commenting on, as it speaks for itself. Horrible, horrible eurotrash-esque dance pop with sparkles of Head Kandi here and a dash of 2Unlimited there. All together staggeringly appalling. Rating: 1/10 Link:www.last.fm/music/Runnerz Fenech-Soler – The Cult of Romance (11/05/09) Now we’re talking. This is hot. It sounds a little like Tiga or The Whip – slinky and cool, and catchy from the offset. Fenech-Soler, contrary to their name, are from Peterborough, and make graceful, sexy electro that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Parisian underground nightclub. “’cos we’ve got the eye of the tigress,” is a line that won’t leave my head for a long time – ‘The Cult of Romance’ is a great song for hot summer nights. Nice one, boys. Rating: 8/10 Link:www.last.fm/music/Fenech-Soler Passion Pit – The Reeling (11/05/09) single of the week Ah, Passion Pit. How we adore you. ‘The Reeling’ is sun-drenched and encrusted in a rainbow of twinkly, jewel-like sound that can only mean one thing: a bloody decent summer tune. Yes, The 405-favourites have done it again. The jammy gits. Beautiful, exhilarating, exhausting, and utterly and completely repeat-button worthy. Rating: 9/10 Link:www.last.fm/music/Passion+Pit Dub Pistols feat. Ashley Slater – Back to Daylight (25/05/09) Dub Pistols have never really been my taste, but I can see – and hear – where ‘Back to Daylight’ is a good tune. The band, who claim to play big-beat techno with a punk rock ‘tude, down step the pace with this one, and the result really is quite comforting and cool on the ear. Rating: 7/10 Link:www.last.fm/music/Dub+Pistols