Hello everyone, If you're a regular to the site you'll know that we've been planning on changing the design of the site for a while now. That's still the case, and will be with you very soon. The plan was to change our hosting company when we switch to the new design so that you get the fastest service possible, but over the past few weeks the site has been down a few times, which has forced us to make the hosting change now. Obviously it's a flattering issue to face because essentially we're getting more visitors than our hosting company could handle, but that's not ideal if the site is always down. The issues we've been facing with making the changeover is sorting out our image database and dealing with certain coding. What you see in front of you now is the site on the new server (hopefully - though it can sometimes take a while to fully change over), minus a large chunk of images associated with the database. I won't go into full details on this but essentially we had two options on how to proceed: 1. Keep the site down for a few days whilst we get it sorted. 2. Get the site up straight away and deal with the issues whilst it's up. We went with option 2 so that you're not all left in the dark. So, please bear with us whilst we sort out the bugs (some screwy punctuation coding) and upload our image database (which is huge and will take some time to upload). Thanks for your patience. Team 405 xxx