Woah! What a week! One of the first interviews we did on this site was with Johhny Foreigner, so it was a great pleasure to do it all over again. It was certainly nice to see that their views haven't changed and that they still enjoy doing what they do. Cascine released another corker with the Ladies Man Effect EP release by Selebrities and Snowblink released a wonderful record in Long Live. Let's do it all again next week, yeah? Click the image below to check out our Spotify playlist Johnny Foreigner - Interview - (link) Trophy Wife - Microlite - (link) Wild Palms - To The Lighthouse/Draw In Light - (link) Porcelain Raft - Tip Of Your Tongue - (link) Selebrities - Ladies Man Effect EP - (link) Sparrow and The Workshop - Interview - (link) Live Like Lions - Cecille - (link) We//Are//Animal - Idolise - (link) Dreamend - So I Ate Myself, bite by bite - (link) Snowblink - Long Live - (link) Jason Lytle - Live - (link) Time Out Sessions - Live - (link) France // Them And Us In Music - Article - (link) Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle - Higher - (link) Gregory And The Hawk - Leche - (link) Brasstronaut - Mt. Chimaera - (link) CocknBullKid - One Eye Closed - (link) What We Talk About When We Talk Music - Feature - (link) Cowbell - Never Satisfied - (link) Aged Yummy - Let's Connect Dots - (link) Brian McBride - The Effective Disconnect - (link) Talons - Hollw Realm - (link) The Patio Set - Introducing - (link) Is Tropical - Interview - (link) Seapony - Dreaming - (link) Gary Wilson - Electric Endicott - (link) Errors - Celebrity Come Down With Me - (link) Botany - Feeling Today - (link) Diver & Trouble Over Tokyo - Live - (link) Lissie - Everywhere I Go - (link) Photo courtesy of coolsigg