Welcome, dear readers, to a new feature here on The 405. Every week, our staff, writers and the good folk that post on our forums put forth something for your consideration, one recommendation of something they think you should take a look at. Whilst our Radar section tends to focus mostly on new or up-and-coming artists, this is just our way of letting you know what's pushing our buttons and topping our last.fm charts every week. You can be involved too, all you have to do is join our forum (by clicking here) to contribute! So have a look, check out some of the awesome things that we love, and enjoy! 405 Staff: Oli: Adam Gnade/Ohioan/Coasts - Split Album - A possible contender for album of the year. Tribal. Beautiful. Click Here Tim: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Super debut album, should be included in many 'Albums of the decade' list-fests that will appear soon. Are they still around? Wil Trouble Books - The United Colors of Trouble Books - Soft offpop with super cute ambient undertones - listen when you're still not quite tomorrow from yesterday and marvel at all of the subtle beauty in the world. Click Here Melanie: Paramore - Misguided Ghosts - Amazing Song! Aaron: Can I Reccomend Tumblr? (Note: Tumblr is a blog site, click here to find out more about it, or click here to see Aaron's, which he mostly uses to post pictures of girls.) Danny: Savoir Adore - In The Wooded Forest - A must listen, trust. Fern: Saint Reverend Jen - "Patron Saint of The Uncool and Voice of the Downtrodden and Tired". She's cool as hell, with troll museum and a pet chiuaua. Click here or here. Rob: La Dispute - Awesomely epic and frantic post-hardcore from Michigan, stuffed with shades of post rock, screamo and blues. Think mewithoutYou meets The Fall Of Troy meets Thursday meets Brand New. Click Here 405 Forumers: Bella: Spaceships are Cool A band from Nottingham specialising in "sunshine pop". They use toys and theremins and all sorts of other wacky devices to make funky noises, in a sort of Flaming Lips/Sparklehorse-esque manner. And spaceships are cool. Click Here Jack: Alberta Cross - Broken Side Of Time - Album of the year for me by far. Click Here So there you have it! Hopefully this will return this time next week, and hopefully you've found something new. See you next time.