In an effort to discover new music I've come up with 'The 405 Uncovers' concept. The Concept
  1. We pick a band.
  2. From their top friends we pick another band
  3. We go to their myspace and listen to the most played song on their music player
  4. We rate it
  5. We pick a band from their top friends and do the same
  6. We do this five times (Original band not included)
  7. We appoint a winner from the 5 bands (Original band not included)
Ok, the band I'm deciding to use as my start point is the fantastic Mi Ami ( from San Francisco.

1. Thank You

Myspace Description: Punk/Punk/Punk Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States Link: Rating: I had a listen to 'Empty Legs' (15'005 plays) and I was quite impressed. Being billed as a punk band (x3) I was expecting something completely different. Instead of a cliche punk band sound pumping through my headphones, I was exposed to a dirty, psychedelic, free-for all. I guess the notion of punk was more evdident in the free spirit nature of it all rather than music itself.

2. Wildfire Wildfire

Myspace Description: Trance/Trance/Trance Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States Link: Rating: The song I listened to was 'Escastic Sunshine Duck' (18'742) songs. Being a stickler for the rules, I had to listen to the highest played song and unfortunately the song in question was only a couple of minutes in length. It wasn't exactly trance but more an experimental adventure into noise. Not bad though.

3. Santa Dads

Myspace Description: Experimental/A'cappella/Other Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States Link: Rating: I had a listen to 'Dog WYGHYLU' (9'825 plays). Not my cup of tea at all. Essentially it's two people trying to be funny. The only problem is, instead of it coming across as being funny it ends up becoming a really awful in-joke. I don't know the joke. I don't find it funny.

4. Ed Schrader

Myspace Description: Comedy/Experimental Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States Link: Rating: I had a listen to 'Time To Die' (1'316 plays). Much like the band above, Ed Schrader tries to be funny but doesn't quite pull it off. It's a mash up of Bowie talking, set to a dodgy drum beat. I think it might be a Liam Lynch rip-off. Not good.

5. Teeth Mountain

Myspace Description: Trance/Fusion Location: Baltimore/Maryland, United States Link: Rating: I had a listen to 'Keinsein' (22'662 plays). I really liked this song. It's got a healthy level of experimentation to it, which makes me think they'd be great live. Plus they're really rhythmic too. It's the sort of music you put on full blast and listen to while in a room full of swirling lights.

Overall Rating

The first ever adventure took us from San Francisco all the way to the east coast of America, specifially Baltimore. It seems Baltimore has a healthy scene of psychedelic/experimental bands, whilst having an unhealthy scene of un-funny comedic based musicians. My winner for this little adventure goes to Thank You. Don't take my word as gospel though. Check out the bands and let me know you think!