I spent the last trying my hardest to come up with a funny introdution/explanation of why my Californian mixtape would be better than TSURURADIO's Canadian mixtape but I really don't need to. Sure, Canada's been the birth place to hundreds of amazingly nice bands but do you know what? Nice is the feeling you get when you catch up with a family member you haven't seen for a year or two. To begin with it's enjoyable but after a while it soon get's boring. I'm fully aware that MR TSURURADIO will claim that California is a dump and guess what? I totally agree with him. I spent a good month in California last year and a huge chunk of the place is dirty, seedy and far too hot and I loved every second of it. From the drag queens of San Francisco to the bums on Venice Beach, this place reeks of passion, distorion and excess, all fueled by the blinding sun. So ask yourself this people. Who want's nice when you can have that? My song choice represents all that is good about this state and I hope you agree. PS. Canada what? PPS. I love you really Canada PPPS. TSURURADIO, Yo Mamma's so stupid that when she went to the movie theatre and saw under 18 not admitted, she went home and got 17 of her friends. ;) PPPPS. The 405 Interstate is in California. Game over man. Game over! Tracklisting 1. Crystal Antlers - A thousand 2. Deerhoof - Giga Dancean Is) 3. Limbeck - Home (Is Where The V 4. Sleepy Sun - New Age 5. Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie eyes 6. Wooden Shjips - Motorbike 7. Pocahaunted - Ghetto Ballet 8. Why? - Fatalist Palmistry 9. Pinback - Fortress 10. The Dodos - Fools 11. Magic Lanterns - 12. Adam Gnade - So Long Darling It's No Use 13. Album Leaf - Over The Pond Runtime: 60 mins Click here to check out TSURURADIO's 'Canadian Mixtape'