By way of introduction (blink and you'll miss it, from here on in you'll have only our cynical mutterings on the subject matter depicted as context...) the multi-talent comic artist herself has this to say:


I'm Wee Claire. I'm an ex Glaswegian living in London. In fact, I'm more of a Londoner now since I've been here for almost 10 years. I've done all sorts from cleaning out the rabbit hutches at Cbeebies to running my own business (which is hard but I love it!). However, one of my biggest passions aside from music is art and comics. My love of comics started with Jim Lee's X-Men in the early 90s and moving swiftly onto Spiderman... basically, a Marvel geek. Now I prefer indie comics and graphic novels like Charles Burns "Black Hole" or anything by Adrian Tomine.

"Socially Inept" and "Superman(ners)" are two comics created from situations I witness in every day life. People can really suck. There, I said it. So, instead of moaning about them in long, meandering blog posts, I began drawing comics about them instead. It's much more fun!

I'm really rubbish at "biographies" so I'll just end with a list of things I love... the colour green, anything vintage, sci-fi, food, astrology, philosophy, beards, fun, laughter, life!

Twitter - @weeclaire Website -

So, without further ado, The 405 is delighted and proud to present:

Check back in a week for another of Claire's wonderful strips, "Superman(ners) - which will be published fortnightly, whereas the above 'Socially Inept' will be a more weekly ordeal!