We recently told you about our favourite high-street and designer collaborations, so it seems appropriate to talk about the collaborations we're still waiting for. Below you'll find the The 405 Fashion Collaboration Wish List.

Kenzo & H&M

If Kenzo became accessible to the general public... I think there might be mass hysteria in high-streets across the UK. Nonetheless, a collaboration between these two would mean prints galore. I'm thinking statement sweaters for weekends and a brightly-coloured cheetah-print coat to wow at work.

Nike & Libertine Libertine

Nike already had immense success with their range of trainers in collaboration with Liberty's of London. But if they teamed up with Dutch label Libertine Libertine, hipsters everywhere would rejoice as paisley hi-tops became available in every colour imaginable.

Phillip Lim for Cos

I already spend a lot of time trying to fund my addiction to Cos. The quality of their basics and the brand's ability to cater to a wide demographic of customers without coming across as 'too edgy' or 'too grown-up' puts them a step ahead of many mid-range designers. A collaboration with Phillip Lim, a similarly understated designer who's cuts flatter a wide range of women, and his gift for using a multitude of textures in his clothes would be genius. His previous collaboration with U.S. store target is a great example of how widely marketable his designs are too.

Victoria Beckham for Banana Republic

Victoria Beckham has become the go-to British designer for smart day-to-night clothing for professionals. Banana Republic have already had success with their '60s 'Mad Men' inspired collection, designed in collaboration with the show's actual costume designer, Janie Bryant, in 2013. So I'd love to see VB make a capsule collection of her simple, well-constructed dresses and skirts for women everywhere to power dress, yet not have to sell your grandma.

Celine & Opening Ceremony

This is almost like putting Kenzo on the list twice as they both include Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, but who cares? The brand's collaboration with actress Chloë Sevigny in 2008 and this year's Adidas Originals Taekwondo collection were inspiring, so I think they are up to a challenge. If Opening Ceremony would do their own take on the classic Celine bag... that would be amazing.