I'm pretty sure that you all know what's kicking off tomorrow afternoon, but did you know The 405 is holding a World Cup sweepstake? Well, unless you follow us on Twitter, you probably didn't! It's a pretty simple concept really. People applied to take part, with a random number, and were then assigned a random team. Due to popular demand we decided to increase the intake to 64 (2 people per team!). The winner not only get's the joy of being crowned The 405 Sweepstakes King/Queen but they'll get five CD's from The 405 Vault, plus the following from our lovely sponsors, Broken Sound. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Forest Fire - Survival (CD album signed by whole band) Forest Fire - Fortune Teller/I Make Windows 7" ltd edition single Rachael Dadd - Moth In The Motor mini-album (ultra-limited edition 10" with hand-painted sleeve) We're sorry if you didn't get a chance to take part in our sweepstake but we suggest you all have a look at who got what below and harass them via twitter. Group A World Cup 2010@kbordwell & @thebluewalrus World Cup 2010@robmcfc & @alicetragedy World Cup 2010@MylesPalmer & @dannythe405 World Cup 2010@slowthrills & @rocketfuelled Group B World Cup 2010@dansmythphoto & @dayvan_cowboy86 World Cup 2010@kim_neverenough & @accleary World Cup 2010@http://twitter.com/euanmackay & @utetheband World Cup 2010@SofaCity & @kannikaclaudine Group C World Cup 2010@Steoph & @drunkenwerewolf World Cup 2010@Pixellated & @Gazzardinho World Cup 2010@Know_The_Ledge & @wearepandr World Cup 2010@redrosemusicuk & @RyanPaulBarham Group D World Cup 2010@robbieflash & @dubccc World Cup 2010@littleliongirl & @martincox World Cup 2010@darrenmjones & @springoffensive World Cup 2010@gdpreston & @seemanfreeman Group E World Cup 2010@jakemay1 & @mishkinbird World Cup 2010@ilovepopnoodle & @utetheband World Cup 2010@redrosemusicuk & @RapidsTheBand World Cup 2010@jhbhq & @pandachops Group F World Cup 2010@benjmc & @idlehandsclub World Cup 2010@PhilyCee & @iPaulie World Cup 2010@riskconsequence & @NewXross World Cup 2010@OurLostInfantry & @TheRevP Group G World Cup 2010@spotify_tapes & @camelglasses World Cup 2010@9inelives & @dvdhth World Cup 2010@TUNECALL & Rick_Moreno World Cup 2010@LukeCotton & @Starshaped_Gigs Group H World Cup 2010@ilovealcopop & @MinutestoLive World Cup 2010@jamescanham & @utetheband World Cup 2010@RaquelGphoto & @sockformation World Cup 2010@padarnalat & @flyingwithanna