Red Bull Studios London is five-years-old. Five years of playing host to incredible music-making and prolific recording. To celebrate, they (in conjunction with The 405) graciously offered you a day within their doors, surrounded by an expert team to help demonstrate, produce and support. You responded enthusiastically. And after tedious sifting through hundreds of entries, and mounds of SoundCloud links, one artist-duo was granted with a day in the studio.

SAZ, the North West London self-sustaining community of creatives, earned coveted time within RBS London. The ingenious collective, whose mantra reflects the idea that working together can create the perfect medium for promotion and provision, effortlessly encapsulated Red Bull's anniversary vision through not only their progressive energy but dynamic music. Drawing inspiration from and inventively blending soul, jazz, acoustic, hip-hop and ambient elements, SAZ's gripping soundscapes soon engulfed the recording space.

Two artists from SAZ's artistic pool, Mothica and Joe James, provided the vocals and hours later, a multi-layered, polygonal sonic spectacle was created. 'RAW' is an after-dark affair, honest and emotional like late-night confessions. Jazzy trumpet dances along beside Mothica's deep rich vocals, while manic percussion keeps time. Rhyme-smith, Joe James hops on the beat confidentially, directly nailing his personal verse before the brassy beat takes us home. Mixed by Brendon Harding from Red Bull Studios London, SAZ and Red Bull's dynamic vision came to life, propelling Mothica and Joe James with a new single and Red Bud Studios London with a kick-start to their next five years.

Check out the track below, along with Phil Smithies' brief video interview with the band, and stunning studio photos (video editing by Tom Kirby).