There is no question that the 80's are "in" thanks to films and shows like It and Stranger Things. As musicians have tried to jump on the trend, a few have managed to craft something that blends pre-existing tropes with something new. But not many have done it better than B•R•A•U•N, the solo project of Ben Braun. Braun made a name for himself as one-half of the electropop duo Mackintosh Braun, but now the artist is embarking upon a solo career. Today, his debut LP Silent Science streams exclusively through The 405.

The 10-track LP shimmers and jolts with an electrifying energy. Braun's knack for crafting layered synth melodies is remarkably satisfying, with nearly every track walking that fine line between innovation and nostalgia. It doesn't hurt Braun went straight to the source for some of his nostalgia, using folks like Hall & Oates' saxophonist Charlie DeCant on album opener 'Washed Away.' The whole record is incredibly danceable, but it achieves this effect with well-crafted compositions. Silent Science scratches a familiar itch, but it does so exceedingly well.

For Braun, the debut of this album is a deeply personal step for his career.

"I’m pleased and thankful to be releasing this album into the world," says Braun. "These songs are personal, they represent a transitional period for me creatively. I wrote and recorded this record alone in my living room, an experience that was both isolating and liberating. The album as a whole was an exercise in writing music without self-judgment, letting the songs happen naturally.

"I think I’ll always be somewhat of a perfectionist in the studio," he adds, "but writing this record helped me realize there’s a middle ground."

You can stream Silent Science below and pre-order the record, which officially releases this Friday on Diving Bell Recording Co., here.