If you are a Facebook user you may or may not have heard about 3Mobile's 'Seriously Social Party' competition. Applicants (a lot of student promoters and events mananagers) were requested to submit a 200 word proposal for their idea, and now it has boiled down to 24 final applicants who have a week to collect as many 'fans' on their individual party fanpages as possible. Two of my friends based in London are in the final, and i'm super excited for them as their previous projects in London and Bournemouth have been great successes, and their ideas are fabulous in comparison to everyone elses! So my proposal is help them! If one wins, it would be a fantastic opportunity for us lot at The 405 to get involved in too. Click HERE for Dan's Andy Warhol inspired multimedia extravaganza of performance, music and art! And Click HERE for Micheal's lavish 1930's Great Gatsby-inspired night of debauchery! thanks in advance - Fern x