A Is For Arguments

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Firstly you will argue, a lot. Even if you are best buddies. My first tip is: Never start a band with your friends. Get a stranger from Gumtree on bass. It may be more awkward on long journeys while he watches Hentai on an iPad, and there is a slight chance you may have seen him on an episode of To Catch a Predator, but you'll feel better bullying him, or shouting at him when he's late for rehearsal because he was buying dog shit weed.

You'll argue about who gets the 'good' seat in the tiny, uncomfortable van (FYI there isn't one). You'll argue about whether there should be a double chorus or a bridge on your new electro-funk song. And you'll definitely argue with your manager about why you're not playing Glastonbury or Reading Festival this year. For you Americans, Reading is not a literary festival, it's a place sixteen year old outcasts go to get their first blowjob while watching Eminem. Errr how can I relate it, Oh I know. Like the Gathering of the Juggalos).

Once you begin arguing a lot though, it becomes easy to tell when an argument is brewing and therefore easier to diffuse with 'bants' or drugs. Always remember though that you are right, because you're the one who came up with the catchy riff on your latest single. Then brood silently to yourself in the van. Oh, and never listen to the drummer because they're always wrong. That's why they're the drummer.

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