B is for Booze

My personal rule is, if you're not doing anything, you're allowed to drink anything.

This is a great rule as it means you never end up looking like an alcoholic, because when you're loading or sound checking you're too busy to drink, but when you're done and bored then... fuck it! Why not have a cheeky beer? You deserve it after carrying all that gear. You should also drink on the way to the venue, but make sure you are within a good 1hr-1hr 30min away so you don't get too pissed before you sound check. If you do, you always have time to sober up before your set/powder your nose.

Also, you should try and drink as much as you can after you finish playing. That isn't a rule, it's just common sense.

Extra Tip: Buy cheap beer and whiskey and sit in your van pretending it's the green room. Then you seem more mysterious when you stumble out five minutes before your set starts as the promoter is stressing as to where the fuck the headliners are. Basically just try and live your life like you're in Spankers.

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