We just bought up all their stock, and we're not selling.

Ken Grand-Pierre recently spent some time with The Aces (Cristal Ramirez, Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty, Alisa Ramirez) as they weaved their magic in the studio. One of the gems that came out of the session was the incredible 'Physical', which we're extremely happy to premiere today.

Much like last year's 'Stuck', 'Physical' is an '80s-tinged pop song that deserves to be heard by everyone. That chorus. Those vocals. That bridge. It has everything. Put this on in the club and watch as everyone screams, "WHOOOAHHHHHH, we're just physical" at the top of their lungs. Friends hugging each other. The adrenaline running.

Look, we don't like telling you what to do, but if don't end up sending this song to everyone you know, you've handled your business all wrong.

Check out the track below, along with a conversation with the band about songwriting, live shows, and future plans. The band’s debut EP, I Don't Like Being Honest, is out on June 23rd via Red Bull Records.

You've been here in New York for the past couple of weeks, recording songs. While we were shooting, I think you mentioned how this was one of the longest amounts of time you've spent writing. How has it been?

Cristal: It's definitely been a bit of a gruelling process, but also a great one as well. We've been getting the album together, so this has been a bit of a writing camp. We've been keeping it really structured, coming in five days a week for 8-9 hours a day, and just writing more than we've ever had before. We've grown a lot from doing this.

Alisa: It's been especially challenging as well, because we're used to going on these two-week stints, and sometimes it can feel rushed because two weeks doesn't ever feel like a long enough time to write. What's been great about this trip is even though it feels like we have a lot of time, we've really been making the most out of it. We've been able to go down these rabbit holes, and really explore different ideas.

Cristal: That's been really great because like Alisa said, we'll sometimes only have a few days to record and there've been times where we felt a bit rushed because of that. Like "ok, do this, and this, and this" rather than feeling out what could work and being open to try as many new things as possible.

Now that I have all four of you sat here, I'm very curious to know if this trip helped you understand each other better, particularly with how you work and even as people?

Katie: We've known each other for so long, and grown up with each other. We've grown a bit closer in these last few years, just from growing up as people as well. I do feel that with this trip that... I wouldn't say that we learned new things about each other on this trip, but I would say we've definitely grown closer together for sure.

Cristal: I think a lot of that has to do with not establishing what we already did, but establishing who we are more concretely. The way we work now, it's usually me and Alisa will come in and write melodies, and McKenna and Katie will then come in on post-production and add to the songs to make them complete. I think what's been great about this trip, is that it's helped us establish our roles better, where in the past we'd kind of have our hands in everything. Which sounds nice, but again was more a product of the lack of time we had, rather than something deliberate. We're really honing in how we work, as a cohesive group of people. I'm especially happy with how efficient we are as a group; we never find ourselves wasting time.

What did it make you feel to put out a song like 'Stuck'?

Cristal: 'Stuck' was a massive breakthrough moment for our band. We found a really good match with what we wanted to do and our two producer guys that we work with. We just honed in on what we wanted to sound like as a band, what we wanted to achieve with our sound, and constantly worked on perfecting that. I think 'Stuck' was a big moment for us because it was like "yes, we broke through!" and it was breaking through on a sound that we feel is "The Aces". A sound we had in our heads for so long, talked about for so long, and finally achieved. It was excitement from there, I think.

Alisa: And I don't think it was really the release of 'Stuck' that excited us the most, but more the writing of 'Stuck'. There was one song we wrote before 'Stuck' that we felt defined us, and we were thinking of releasing that first. But then, 'Stuck' came right after it and when that happened... when we birthed those songs it was a moment of, "wow, this is who we are"

Katie: Going into that some more, I think that was the turning point in finding ourselves as a band. It was especially a great moment for our career because of the reaction we got to it. It felt validating to know we could get a reaction from people.

What I really love about that song, is that I feel it perfectly summed up who you are. Especially after I've had the chance to spend some time with you, it's made me go back to that song and listen to it with the knowledge of who you are as people. And with that, it's like "wow, this song is really them." Which sounds obvious, but it is interesting how rare it can be to hear individual personalities expressed within a track.

Cristal: Thank you! I think that to write your best, you need to be able to look within, and pursue yourself in a way. If you're able to dig within, and write from your soul, then you'll be able to make great work. I think what you just said, where you can hear our personalities in the song, is the goal any artist should have when it comes to releasing music, so thank you.

This might be a big question since you've been here for weeks working. But earlier when we were doing photos you mentioned how a crucial element to your band was honing the live show. With recording these songs for your EP and album, have you found yourselves discussing the live show, and how you'd like to approach it?

McKenna: Aw man, absolutely [laughs]. It's all we ever talk about.

Katie: We grew up being a live band, it was the first thing we did when we formed. It's been a bit weird for us being holed up and perfecting everything because all we really know is going out and playing as many shows as we can. But we're grateful that we've been able to work on our sound, and it just makes us more excited to go out there and play a live show.

McKenna: It's also been an active topic of conversation, where a bassline will happen, and we'll go "aw man, imagine doing that live" or even a vocal shift on a song. We keep talking about how it'll go down live, with people's reactions.

I also imagine with knowing each other for so long and playing live shows, it also means you have a history of also going to watch shows with each other. Can you think of what you feel is sometimes lacking with live acts you've seen? You don't have to name any names, but have you ever seen a live show where you thought "Ok, with The Aces we have to do better than what this band is doing" from an objective standpoint?

Katie: Totally. I think it's happened more times than not when we'd see a live show and leave feeling underwhelmed. We went to a concert together not to long ago, and we were watching this opening act where we thought "wow... give us that spot" because we knew we could be doing so much better than they were, on stage. That said, it is also inspiring when we'd see a good live show, because then it'd make us think about how much we want to do well with our own shows.

Alisa: It's crazy too because I think it's switched from the last couple decades or something. Where when you look at older bands, you can tell the live show would make them legendary, and it'd be their talent on stage that'd shine through, and get people to talk about them. Now, we live in this era of technology, streaming, tuning everything, and it's surprisingly way more about the record than the live show; even though people tour more now. I've found it often that I'll love an act from their record but will be pretty let down from their live performance. But the flipside to that is because of that it'll also make me appreciate a really good live act more when I notice how good they are at performing.

Cristal: Because being in a band is very much our thing, our bread and better, it's very much who we are as a band, it makes us all about 'the show'. We try to play an ode to 70's rock, when people were truly performing artists. People like Mick Jagger and Joan Jett, really iconic rock stars. And I think we approach our shows in that spirit, where we constantly think about engaging with the crowd and making sure that it's a 'show' as much as possible. You have to make people excited, make them have a night they'll be talking about for days!

On live shows, since you definitely have strong opinions about live music, can you each recall a time you saw a live act that blew your mind?

McKenna: Definitely. I remember we saw St. Vincent last summer in Utah, and it was amazing. I loved her before seeing her live, but watching her perform just cemented that love and made me want to listen to her music for days. She put on such a good show.

Alisa: We opened up for Jenny Lewis recently, and I was mind-blown from her performance. She never missed a note, and it was just perfect.

Katie: A couple of years ago I went to see Grouplove and they... their songs are full of so much energy, and yet they play so concisely. They'll be dripping sweat, but hitting every note. Also, my dad used to show me these old tapes of Queen at Wembley, and I would sit in my basement and watch them thinking "wow, look at this show."

Cristal: Me and Alisa saw Rihanna recently, and... the show she puts on is... I mean everyone knows Rihanna is badass, that she's an icon, but seeing her live was... I mean wow, she has an amazing voice. I was so inspired by seeing her performance, just absolute world-class.

Alisa: That also reminds me of when me and Cristal saw Beyoncé at the MGM in Vegas, and that was like... wow, I've yet to see a performance that could match that. It wasn't even human, the way she was performing.

Does it feel that that's something you'd love to achieve someday, to have a massive stage set-up at some point?

Cristal: Totally, definitely would love that to happen some day. We've put in so much work, and obviously there's a lot more work to do, but we do think things will only get bigger and better as we go on. I'd love it if someday a kid saw our live show, and said what you said; that they were able to see the disciple on stage and go "Fuck, I went to see The Aces, and it was incredible!"

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