If you're not already a fan of The Aces, what are you doing? The Utah quartet are succeeding in bringing a fresh take on power-pop to the masses. With a traditional rock band setup, the band crafts songs that are equal parts raw angst and sublime pop. While the mountains of their home state are picturesque from a distance, it’s only upon closer inspection you realize this beauty comes from millennia of turmoil. And like those jagged peaks, The Aces are reaching out, making themselves known.

Their debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, is slated to drop April 6th. So what better time to drop their new single, ‘Waiting for You’?

As the band puts it, “‘Waiting For You’ is definitely the romantic ballad on our album. When we were writing the track we were really trying to tune into what the beginning of a new romance feels like. That excitement and anxiety and just desperately wanting that person to reach for your hand. The song captures that very moment of being on the verge of spilling all of your emotions to that person.”

‘Waiting for You’ balances all of this. While Cristal’s vocals are fractured and earnest, the harmonies build a silky base strong as steel. The track is also just below mid-tempo, emphasizing a woozy bass line that slinks along perfectly under the guitar atmospherics. The minimalist drums are key. Played from a kit, the syncopation and subsequent crash on some of those downbeats keep the song coursing. This song could have easily just sampled an electronic beat, but the intent behind the song as a whole wouldn’t be the same. And it’s obvious The Aces have known this for a while.

Take some time today and listen to ‘Waiting for You’ by The Aces. It’s a reminder your feelings are worth something. And that’s something everyone can use.

Pre-order When My Heart Felt Volcanic here.

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