The Album Leaf have some pretty cool news for you today! They've just released a new collaboration track with Peter Broderick of Efterklang called 'Never Held A Baby', and you can listen to it below. Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf explained why they chose to work with Broderick a bit further in a statement:

"As a fan of Peter's, I asked him to play violin for a song from Perils from the Sea. What he came up with blew me away. His solo work also blew me away so I asked him about making a song together. He came to Los Angeles to record his new record and when he was finished, we met for the first time, ate breakfast, went into my studio and wrote & recorded "Never Held a Baby" in an afternoon."

In addition, they'll also be hosting the debut screening of their documentary BEYOND THERE at the Hollywood Forever Masonic Lounge on the 15th of July. They'll also perform a show after the film finishes up, and if you'd like to check it out, you can grab tickets here. A trailer can be seen below! The film follows the band through their first ever tour of China and other parts of Asia.

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