The 405 decided to get a couple of people we loved to write a guest column for us this year and somehow we managed to get the man behind Alcopop Records to do it! In his first article for the site, he discusses his love of the rather awesome Cool Runnings film. Why Cool Runnings is the best film I’ve ever seen... It’s always nice to be able to pen a little piece for a music site that I genuinely believe is put together by some of the most passionate and forward thinking folk about – but with a brief about as loose as one can get “ah, write about whatever man” its taken me a while to grasp together my creative thoughts around something musical/film esque… What with the Xmas booze flowing quite so freely an’ all.
Cool Runnings
So, gathering all my pride, power [and well, you know the rest] I thought I’d write this little article about why you should probably spend your next free night in dusting down a copy of Cool Runnings and ramming it forthwith into your DVD player – and remembering why it’s bloody good to be alive! As yet, in my long and tumultuous life, it’s very rare I’ve come into contact with anyone who physically dislikes Cool Runnings- with a good proportion of my pals happy to watch it now and then, and one or two notable exceptions (Kev from BSM for one) who have been known to join me in watching said film back to back. This is admittedly ridiculous, but it’s led me to wonder what Disney did SO right when they put together a film about a dysfunctional(ish) Jamaican bobsleigh team. I think that from the outset one would struggle to argue with the overall theme of the film, and although overcoming adversity and racial prejudice is a subject regularly covered in the cinema, rarely has it been dealt with in such a genuinely naively charming (and yet powerful) way. The fact this is, with a few alterations here and there of course (apparently in real life the Jamaican athletics did actually fund the bobsleigh team) a true story is another plush peacock feather in its cap – and the casting is just out of this world! Famously dispensing with pretty much all ‘speaking’ female characters (I’ve never known a more male dominated film), the male leads are nonetheless stunning… From the moment John Candy takes a well-aimed pool cue violently to a transistor radio “no tumbleweed, bad tumbleweed” you can’t fall in love with the disgraced ex-olympian busily free-falling his way from grace, bristling with bravado but nevertheless always happening upon his best intentions. Doug E. Doug too is simply awesome as Sanka – the devil-may-care pushcart derby champion who’s obsession with his lucky egg borders on the bizarre (one question, where does he put it in that slinky one-piece bobsleigh suit?)… And that’s even without mentioning the menagerie of memorable quotes “How about I draw a line down your head so it looks like a butt”, the rollercoaster ride of emotions that the undulating delight/despair switching of the plot brings (alright, I admit – I can’t watch the final scenes of this film without crying) and the fact that actor Malik Yoba (who plays Yul) wrote the Jamaican bobsleigh chant himself… This movie is, in the words of someone who doesn’t know a lot about films, a bastion of ace! Go watch it – again! To find out why we love Jack so much, have a look at is Record Label! (here) The wonderful header image was created by the extremley talented Adrian Dutt. You can check his work out by going here!