Label:Nettwerk Release Date:26/05/09 Buy: Amazon Being a music review virgin, I found it rather difficult at first to be objective about this album. To me an album was either nice to listen to or horrible – I didn’t want to be horrible about what these people do. However, I have attempted to view this album on musical merit and give this album the Sophie treatment. Here goes nothing! Much like the novels by Laurence Durell from which the band take their name, The Alexandria Quartet‘s songs are packed with tales of love and loss. However, do not let that put you off - with these boys you are not going to get melancholic, acoustic laments but tales of make up and break up with irresistibly catchy lyrics and a great, (fairly) upbeat melody to boot. Despite being based in Norway, there is something distinctly British about these boys – whether it is the slightly psychedelic guitar in the background of the tracks (in particular 'I need someone to love') or fact that there is something oddly reminiscent of (a slightly more upbeat) Travis, who they joined on tour this February. My favourite track on the album I think has to be 'The Dark Side of the Blues' for its memorable lyrics (admittedly it is now stuck in my head) and upbeat tempo, giving it enough of a beat to get people dancing. Although, as with most of the tracks on the album I must admit I got the feeling that “wait, have I heard this before?” Saying that, I don’t think these boys would be out of place as background music on Gossip Girl – 'Get Lost in the City' in particular oozes a dramatic split on the streets of New York, girl goes one way, boy the other, split screen, some crying. (You get the picture; perhaps I am thinking about this too much!) No, The Alexandria Quartet are not the most experimental or original band, but I don’t believe this takes anything away from their music. It’s catchy, well written and radio friendly, but not astonishing nor surprising. If you like The Killers mid tempo album tracks or Travis then you will enjoy The Alexandria Quartet. Now that wasn’t too hard was it? Rating: 6/10 MP3:The Alexandria Quartet - You Could Be My Mirror (Mix)