Release Date: 09/03/09 Label: Unsigned

If you're billed as being the bridge between Coldplay and The Fray you're bound to pretty awful right?

Yeah pretty much.

The latest EP by Birmigham based middle-of-the-roaders The Amateurs is three tracks in length and about three tracks too long if you ask me. Some will argue that their name paints an accurate picture of what their music might sound like but to be honest it's not that. For one, they play their instruments with a certain degree of talent that would be lost on most amateur musicians and secondly, they're obviously smart enough to know what music sells well but it's all a little souless if you ask me.

Now I'm not gonna have a pretentious rant about music but what I will say is, do we really need a bridge between Coldplay and The Fray? No. Especially when that bridge is neither catchy or good.

I apologise for not going into detail on the songs that make up Homesick but I honestly couldn't summon up the enthusiasm to do so.

Oh and they got a 1/10 for the production of the EP. That was ok.

Rating: 1/10