The Amazing are a group of musicians that have previously built up well-established Swedish bands like Dungen and Granada, but come together to create something that augments all their dreamy characteristics. They released the album Ambulance in 2016, and it seems they're gearing up for another one very soon as they have put out the delightful new single 'Pull'.

Although the title 'Pull' suggests a strenuous activity, the music within the song is diametrically opposed to this. Setting out on languorous guitars, stretching towards the skyline like trails of light in the sky, The Amazing take the song on a journey through bleak yet beautiful landscapes. With subtle vocal effects and synthesizer use, 'Pull' whispers and wanders gaily, soaring with unbounded delight into delicate shoegaze for its ascendant final minutes. By the end of 'Pull' you feel as though The Amazing have taken you on a long journey that has not been in the least strenuous, as they've tended to your aches with their pillowy production and warming melodicism throughout.

Listen to 'Pull' below.

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