Release Date: 24/11/08 Label: Unsigned Link:

Known only by a secret identity, The Android Angel is by day a teacher trying to keep 'Drunk Midgets' under control in schools. But after the bell rings, you can find him playing at gigs across London, and has found time to make his second EP, Bless. Sounding like possibly the coolest teacher ever, with influences listed such as Fleet Foxes, British Sea Power, DevotchKa and even Neon Neon. An element of Fleet Foxes does come through on the EP, which features a fairly diverse arrange of musical instruments used; electric and acoustic guitar work, Sleigh Bells, Pianos, Harmonicas, anything he can get his hands on it seems. One foot is firmly implanted in Folk territory, but also featuring rocky parts in equal measures, with Lost In Hero more of an out and out piano driven ballad that swells up to an emotive Zenith.

It is a perfectly ‘nice’ listen, a lazy word of humongous proportions I have attempted to banish from my vocabulary, but it seems to fit the EP, and therein lies the problem. There is nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but nothing to offend the ears; a tad flavourless. The enthusiasm of The Android Angel does shine through I will admit, a performer with an obvious love for music. Though I would love to know how the secret identity works when he performs; Does he ask everyone to turn around and face the bar? A Superhero costume? Men in Black style mind eraser? Or the perhaps the pragmatic answer, it's not a literal secret identity?


Words: Tim Boddy