On Sunday night, in a thoroughly annotated and appropriately peaceful sign-off on Facebook, The Antlers announced an indefinite band hiatus. The break will come on the heels of a 15-month promotion cycle for their most recent LP, Familiars.

A transcript of their message can be found below:

"After 15 months* and 102 performances**, we've played our final scheduled show, and our Familiars*** Era has at last drawn to a close.

So now, we'll put this thing down for a little awhile and perhaps pick it up again some future morning that feels right.****

Meanwhile, you can keep track of our creative endeavors & wanderings by following Pete(r) at @psilb & Darby @dolldoctor.*****

A tremendous thank you to any and all of you that supported us in any way- with your attention, your attendance, your means or your time. Know that it has meant the world to us. ******

Love always,
The Antlers*******

* Add another year of writing and recording prior to all that... call it early 2013.
** Add somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 radio / equivalent performances.
*** The Antlers's 5th, 3rd, or 9th studio album, depending upon whom you ask.
**** "Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept that sometimes things must unfold in their own time." - Jon Kabat-Zinn
***** Michael has wisely opted-out of social media and enjoys a blissful existence in more direct connection with his surrounding reality.
****** ineffable gratitude and love.
******* aka Antlercorp Int'l, Antlrz, Anglers, Ann Taylors, Los Antlers, Antiliers, Amplers, Ann Landers, Crystal Antlers, The Pizzas, The Borings, Kool Katz, Aunt Lars, etc."