If The Antlers last official show in London at Islington's Screen On The Green was a premiere of the band live tonight's show at Koko is the full techni-colour surround-sound feature film. Bathed in Burst Apart’s haunting sepia tones tonight The Antlers, in the space of two hours, bring Koko to its' knees.

Opening the set with a howling call of ‘Parentheses’ Peter’s pitch perfect vocals, even more powerful and immersive in the flesh, soars to the very top tiers. Mutely moving into density of ‘Kettering’ followed by the ‘No Windows’ the band glide effortlessly both physically and sonically as on piece of finely tuned machinery: Darby hunches over his sound deck, Michael stoically keeps the beat as Peter sways his head and live guitarist Tim mimes animatedly along to every word. A “jeez,you guys!" from Darby finally breaks the band’s silence and the dancing bass of 'French Exit' punches an air hole in the so far mesmerising fog.

Tonight’s sticks loyally to Burst Apart: ‘Corsicana’ relives the fragility of the record with Peter's vocals circling the lone guitar and piano, whilst the usual calm of ‘Rolled Together’ is obliterated as the hushed chants build and collide with an exhilarating swell of noise. Hospice is momentarily allowed day release for ‘Sylvia’, a track that erupts as the audience mirror the song’s intensity singing and clapping along for one of the many standout moments of tonight's set.

An infectious energy is sustained throughout the set with each member of the band clearly feeding off the other's momentum and dispelling any notion that this is still just Peter's band. 'Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out' hits a crescendo with screeching Johnny Greenwood riffs and Peter, as the track reaches its' summit, verges on speaking tongues with ‘Putting The Dog To Sleep’ appropriately bringing the set to a close. An epic encore of 'I Don't Want Love' wins 1,400 hearts before an extended full-band version of 'Epilogue'' gently rocks the set to a close. Breathtaking.