Nearly one year after The Antlers announced a break from the project (though they made sure to clarify that it was not a hiatus), frontman Peter Silberman has debuted a new song and announced a solo LP, Impermanence.

After releasing 2014's Familiars, Silberman lost the hearing in his left ear. Retreating from the bustle of live music and New York City, Silberman's hearing returned but he found that his way of playing music had changed. Thus, he recorded his first solo album under his own name. (The early albums from The Antlers were actually just Silberman.)

The first song he has shared from Impermanence is called 'Karuna,' a Sanskrit word for compassion. "What I was trying to do with this song, and I guess with the record at large, was to put a microscope on what's going on in my mind at a given moment," Silberman told NPR. "To really examine what's happening. It's a moment of crisis, and a moment where a new reality has just set in. It's kind of the feeling of having the rug pulled out from under you and what that experience was like for me. I think, for this song, I wanted to slow down time to see what was going on in there."

Earlier this year, Silberman released an instrumental record entitled Transcendless Summer. Impermanence, which was produced and engineered by Port St. Willow's Nick Principe, will be released on Feb. 24, 2017.

Check out 'Karuna' below.