Yesterday, Apple announced the Apple Watch to a standing ovation at the Flint Building - the company's original home. However, the ovation was contained to the auditorium - with the public left wondering if this was anything more than just an iPhone extension.

Those who have now gone hands on with the device have also been divided; a sort of House Capulet and Montague situation if you will. The square face design is being referred to as ugly by some and simplistic by others, but there is no denying that the Apple Watch will lead this new Apple era and also be the 'must have' gift when it is released early next year, a break in a trend that usually has Apple releasing new products within a week of its announcement. Even though there are multiple designs or collections of the AW coming to the market, there must be a concern that the AW might follow the usual Apple trend of being updated on a yearly basis. If that happens to be the case, will there be any point in buying this first iteration?

What do the experts think?

We got in touch with the Health experts over at Zesty and they seem to believe that purchasing the watch will be a good start to getting your health back on track, but this current iteration doesn't provide enough data to really be a huge health boost.

Lloyd Price, Co-founder of Zesty has this to say on the matter:

"Today's announcement from Apple is an expression of intent to take the tech battleground in health to the next level. However, it is not an end-to-end solution. The collection of data is just one part of the treatment process, an appointment with skilful healthcare professional is needed to interpret what it all means."

In a new area of industry, Apple will have to make small steps until the AW reaches its maximum potential, but until then, this over the top iPhone add-on has 6 months to prove its worth to the mass audience who will be queueing for it as of today (Yeah, I know, 6 months of queueing, but they are Apple fanboys, what do you expect?).

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