The Bay Area's Getaway Dogs are two years removed from their last LP, Lost In The Ebb. But as the group prepares the release of their next record, it is returning to a track from their previous collection, reinterpreting 'Excuse/Opinions' into a new style that reflects on where the band has gone and previews where it is going.

The new track, 'Excuses/Opinions II,' is a lovely slice of psych folk-rock, featuring pitter-pattering drums and a lovely, light guitar. This reimagining has also placed the song's vocals and lyrics at the forefront of the listener's attention.

"The song is split into two different points of view," explains guitarist/vocalist Kai Killion. "The first is about our internal struggles, the excuses we make and the opinions we give, about this and that. Our inability at times to see past ourselves and look at a bigger picture. The second part is about that picture. The rising of the sea to be specific. It's an offering to let go of those struggles, at least for as long as one is able to, and understanding that we don't have a lot of time. I hope this resonates on some level with people

You can stream 'Excuses/Opinions II' up above and be sure to check out more from the Getaway Dogs on their website. A new full-length should be on the horizon and listeners won't want to miss it.