With the existence of BBC Playlister (pictured above), it's not entirely unthinkable that the BBC's next move, at least in the realm of music, would be to launch their own music streaming service. And that's exactly what they're planning, reports Music Business Worldwide.

"The rapid growth in digital and online access to music is responsible for significant change in the UK music industry and is affecting how audiences use our music services," said the BBC. "We must evolve our music offering so that it serves new audience needs and habits and allows us to remain a strong partner and contributor to the UK creative sector."

Slated to be based on Playlister, a service which allows users to favourite songs played across BBC Radio and add them to their own personal playlist, the BBC's music streaming offering, for the most part a 'New Music Discovery Service', will make the 50,000 tracks on monthly rotation on BBC Radio available online for a limited period of time.

"We would make this product a champion for new UK music," the BBC also said, "whether that is the latest unsigned talent from BBC Introducing or a classical performance of new music commissioned and broadcast by Radio 3."

At the same time, the service will also be used to by theBBC to increased their "support for specialist genres, independent artists and labels." They say they'll do this by "featuring their music prominently" in the BBC-curated playlists that will appear on the service.

Whilst there is no timeline for the launch of the BBC's music streaming service, they have apparently "developed a digital music proposal with the music industry," suggesting that the support of major labels and other entities of licensing and distribution has already been gained, or at least garnered.

Indeed, Universal Music UK chairman and CEO, David Joseph, weighed in on the news. "Music is at the heart of the BBC, from their programmers and presenters through to their programming and live output, throughout their digital and broadcast arenas," he said. "I firmly believe the BBC respects and values music more than any other broadcaster in the world."

The announcement arrived in the form of the annual BBC Charter Services & Programmes report – The Future Of The BBC 2015, which you can download and read if you like.