Along the water's edge and beside the sparse forest lining the side of the sandy beach, the breeze blows through the video for Moglii and Novaa's 'Her.' Together, the talented pair have teamed up for a soft yet intricate musical number (off their collaborative five-track Down Under EP,) filled with rhythm and breakbeats but in the soft visuals directed by Julian Voltmann, it's as if the wind is the only thing making noise.

"Her is about the demonic side of yourself that you cannot live without, rather than being inlove with a person. You hate and love this demon, and as such, you struggle," Novaa says.

Meanwhile, Moglii dives more into the production details: "The production relies heavily on field recordings. All the fast 'clacking' and 'noise' sounds are played with pencils on a table and on my window. The deep 808 kick - used as a bass at the same time - creates a warm and muffled sound, when the beat drops. I sang the vocal samples 'uhh uhhhuh', which I pitched and played in double-time. It's a nice mix of Novaa and my signature sounds and style."