No matter how much your head throbs and how many blinds you've put up, you can't escape the inevitable: the sun is going to rise after your night of drinking. There will be another day that you're going to have to grin and bear, no matter how dead you feel inside. So you might as well embrace it, and there's no better way of doing that than with a slice of classic pop. The Beatles don't do it brazenly or garishly. In 'Here Comes The Sun' you have a gentle ease into the day; the unmistakable guitar melody and George Harrison's sweet tones will light and kindle a small flame inside your bruised mind. Then, as the rest of the band joins in that flame is blown into a full, warming fire and you start to appreciate the joy of a new day. By the time the three minute gem reaches its conclusion you might even be singing and clapping along.

Or you might chuck your pillow and swear at that overly joyous, smug bastard of a song within the first 20 seconds of its playing. It could go either way.