Back in August we launched a new section on the site called 405 Discovery, which we hoped would aid our readers into finding new music to check out. It includes handy links to new bands, new playlists and a bunch of recommend albums from the 405 team, but more importantly it included our '405 Discovery' tool. Simply put, you can ask us for an album to check out, and the team will put their heads together and send you a personalised recommendation.

It's a simple concept, but one that has proven to be quite successful.

Below you'll find ten requests, and ten responses. Check them out and let us know how right/wrong our recommendations were!

Request: A future garage artist...

From 405 photo editor Tim Boddy, and writer Rob Hollamby:

I'm gonna choose two acts that have appeared on the same label - Picture Music. You can't go wrong with any of their stuff really, but the two closest that fit the future-garage tag are Dauwd and Lapalux. Check Lapalux's Many Faces Out Of Focus EP.

If you haven't heard Jacques Greene's 'Another Girl' from last year, then that's utterly essential listening, as is '4D' by Koreless. Slightly further away from the beaten path is 'Flikr of Ur Eyes' by Swarms, which moves away from the R&B influence and further into the realms of glitch and post-rock.  


Request: Modern c86...

From 405 writer, Colin Joyce:

Assuming you've heard the forerunners of modern twee in Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Big Troubles' 2011 record, Romantic Comedy might be most similar to what you're looking for. Though it bears more similarity to a lot of 90s indie rock, 'She Smiles For Pictures', and its home on perennial jangle pop favorites, Slumberland Records, seem to indicate a direct line from c86. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but it's a pretty great album nonetheless, and still bears the hallmarks of the movement, even if they're obscured by updated production and a heavier edge.


Request: An album that sounds like Algernon Cadwallader and Cap'n Jazz...

From 405 writer, Colin Joyce:

Though my knowledge of modern emo is relatively scant, and I'm sure you don't want someone just telling you to listen to Sunny Day Real Estate, you might find something to enjoy in Weatherbox's 2007 debut, American Art. Though it lacks the off the rails energy of both Cap'n Jazz and Algernon Cadwallader, Weatherbox finds its home in similarly angsty energy and contorted guitar lines. It's a bit mall-emo at points, so you may want to use 'Trippin' The Life Fantastic' as an entry point to avoid the inherent ickiness of this style. That all being said it's one of my favorite records of the last 10 years, so enjoy!


Request: Atmospheric and psychedelic post-black metal...

From 405 writer, Andrew Hannah:

Wolves in the Throne Room - Two Hunters: Part of a trilogy of releases, the duo (who live on a farm in a self-sufficient lifestyle) cover the brutal guitar and drums in swathes of ambient noise and beautiful female vocals as it becomes post-rock black metal. And it's on Southern Lord, what more do you need?


Request: Something with bleeps and glitches...

From 405 writer Ryan Stanley:

There are tons of great electronic groups that would fit your description, but Autechre are undeniably the masters of glitches and beeps. Their music tends to fall somewhere between ambient and techno, sometimes perfect reading or studying background music and othertimes the craziest, most in-your-face that electronic music got in the late 90s. Tri Repetae is maybe the record where they blend glitches and beeps the most equally, but check out Amber for some more melodic and beepy stuff ('Slip' is a classic) or Confield for the more mental, glitched out tracks (definitely, definitely, definitely look up 'Pen Expers'). 


Request: An album to fall asleep to (in a good way)...

From 405 writer, Colin Joyce:

An album to fall asleep to: How about two? These albums are tied together in my mind, if for no other reason that they fall in the same style. Broken Social Scene's Feel Good Lost is a post-rock dream, floating along built on organic guitars and samples. You'd be hard pressed to imagine that this would be a band that would eventually pen such rockers as 'Cause=Time'. And then there's Harmonia & Eno's Tracks and Traces. I know very little about harmonia, but obviously Brian Eno is a legend of the ambient circle, and this album is a perfect one for drifting away. If you're not mentally checked out by the first song I'd be very surprised. (Warning: there are certainly some moments on this one that could jar you back awake if you're not careful haha)


Request: Something a bit like Julia Holter...

From 405 writer, Matthew Bevington:

E.S.P: They are a trio from LA with just one EP to their name so far: 627 Remix EP, which is available on iTunes. Theirs is a sound slightly more saturated with bass and groove whilst adhering to those ambient aesthetics that Julia Holter does so beautifully. Think Holter, performing voodoo! They have a self-titled EP coming out today (28th August) and also check out their performance's visionversion series with a track from that EP.


Request: Sounds like: Tribazik, Chrome Hoof, Swans, The Shining, Teeth Of The Sea, Nova (uk)...

From 405 writer, Ben Martin:

I'd go for Horse the Band and Lesson No.1 for Guitar by Glenn Branca. It sounds like you're a fan of walls of noise type stuff with some glitchy electro, Branca is a guitar orchestra wall of noise, and horse the band are mental chiptune hardcore stuff. I think you'll dig.


Request: Sark, sinister electronic (Crystal Castles-esque)...

From 405 writer, Charlotte Krol:

Black Earth That Made Me by White Ring is by no means the most varied sounding album out there, but if you like warped female vocals, doom synths, double kicks and fuzz then this might be for you. It feels like the world is about to end, but no one's bothering to do anything about it.


Request: Electro-funk...

From 405 Editor, Oliver Primus:

We weren't sure if you wanted a 'classic' or a new style Electro Funk album, but comparing the old with the new, you can't possibly top the 1982 classic, Street Songs by Rick James. It's hit after hit of sublime funk, mixed with futuristic sounds (among others such as R&B/pop etc). 'Ghetto Life' is a particular favourite, though with the likes of 'Super Freak' and 'Give It To Me Baby' in the mix, how can you go wrong?