Happy October! We're back again to share some of our favourite '405 Discovery' requests from the past month, along with some of the responses the 405 staff gave. From emo to melodic metalcore, we had it all!

Below you'll find five requests, and five responses. Check them out and let us know how right/wrong our recommendations were!

Request: 2000's emo album

From 405 music editor, Wil Cook

Rodeo and Picasso by Recover is a massively underrated album from that time. Full of all the things that made emo pure and great before it became what it became. Huge dischordant guitar riff and passionate vocals aplenty.


Request: Along the lines of Mark Lanegan, Katie Cruel and Mary Epworth...

From 405 writer, Mat Riches

If you’re a Mark Lanegan fan, then it would be churlish not to suggest The Twilight Singers. Mainman for the Twilight Singers, Greg Dulli is a former roommate of Lanegan’s and the two are often found collaborating, most notably on The Gutter Twins’ Saturnalia. Lanegan also appeared on the Twilight Singers' second album, Blackberry Belle, casting his gravel pit voice on album closer 'Number Nine', but I'm going to recommend their last effort before the Afghan Whigs reformed, Dynamite Steps. It's got similarities to Lanegan's last album, and on 'Be Invited' it sounds like Lanegan is along for the ride. It's quite easy to imagine his lugubrious croak all over this album in place of Dulli's. I hope you find plenty to enjoy here.


Request: Some American College indie record like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

From 405 writer, Daniel Hobden

Indie’s natural home is the American college rock of the early '90s. The Loon, Tapes 'n Tapes debut, and still their best record, bears all the marks of a classic from that era: a wonderful lo-fi sounding album with whip-smart lyrics. Like CYHSY, they made it seem so easy.

An oldie, but a classic!


Request: A melodic metalcore or hardcore band

From 405 writer, Samuel

Frodus. Can't go wrong with them. Start with The Earth isn't humming and work your way around.

Cool bass, right? Well, other songs are harder, others more melodic spacey. Thrice played a cover of this song in their Magnum Opus, The Alchemy Index. Check that quadruple EP too, it has all genres!


Request: French Electro

From 405 writer, Barnabas

Brodinski is a French Electro artist definitely worth checking out. Just the right mix of French Electro heritage, and yet still something pretty fresh worth giving a listen to. Also, whilst researching your request, you may have already seen this, but stumbled across this (see below). Definitely more samples than straight up electro, but definitely worth keeping an eye on that guy as well.