Label: !K7 Records Release date: 18/10/10 Link: Official Site The first thing that strikes about the !K7 Tapes released by The Big Pink in partnership with !K7 records, is that it isn’t anything like what you’d expect it to be. Considering The Big Pink’s more commercial releases such as ‘Dominos’ and ‘Too Young To Love’, you’d expect this to be a compilation of poppy, mainstream dance music. However, what this particular !K7 Tapes represents is an eclectic mix of ‘conventional’ dubstep and more experimental dub that is actually incredibly good and eminently listenable. Both representing a chilled out and party atmosphere at the same time, this is an album that can take you away to a mysterious, hazy, daydreamy world or get you moving all at the same time. Primarily mixed by Milo Cordell of The Big Pink, there really are some outstanding tracks on this album; Joker’s Snake Eater is particularly outstanding, with its club dubstep vibe certain to reverberate around if you dare to listen to it in an enclosed space. Balam Acab’s ‘See Birds’ is another star of the album, its more worldly and almost middle-eastern sounding dub becoming incredibly infectious until you find yourself singing it whilst walking down the street. ‘Kiss the Night’ by Yusuf B is a short, 90 second long pulsating track would fit right at home in a climactic horror film scene, but again also eminently listenable. There are also some incredibly obscure and very strange sounds available on this album. Sewn Leather’s release ‘Smoke Ov The Pvnk’ is almost startlingly sinister and SALEM are at their normal eerir, noisy best with their contribution, ‘Dirt’. There are also a couple of remixes of The Big Pink’s tracks that aren’t particularly good to be honest, and there’s a puzzling 1:08 addition of Fantasy by The xx that is hard to see fitting in with the rest of the sound. The best way to sum up the !K7 Tapes would be that this ultimately is a true mix-tape in every sense of the word. What the!K7 Tapes does best is broadcast some very talented producers in a field that usually operates underground. It doesn’t really pretend to be anything else – there will be some who will find much of it too experimental for their taste – but it’s a commendable effort at trying to get these artists out there. Give it time – there’s a lot of well-crafted music to be found here. Photobucket