On May 7th, The Big Sleep will be releasing their new album Nature Experiments on French Kiss Records (Also the home of Dodos, The Drums and Bloc Party) and have now released a free download of their single 'Valentine'.

"On the surface, Valentine is about women who frustrate, but is more about how naive guys can be about love. It started out as a really upbeat throwaway song, but Sonya liked the lyrics so we reworked all the music under it and now it's our first gold record. Potentially." said Danny Barria, the guitarist of the band and vocalist.

Nature Experiments is the album that the band has hinted at, ever since their roots in Brooklyn, New York back in 2000. The band, consisting of Danny Barria, vocalist/bassist Sony Balchandani however have gone back to their old habits, recording-wise, according to Barria.

"The guiding principle this time around was to take our time and do whatever we needed to. We'd work on things separately and then meet in each other's living rooms with just an acoustic guitar and a keyboard, which is funny considering that's exactly how the band started."

You can download the single 'Valentine' below as well as their upcoming tour dates.

  • 12/05 - The Hope @ The Great Escape - Brighton (2:15pm)
  • 14/05 - Music In Beta @ The Castle - Manchester
  • 15/05 - Nice N Sleazys - Glasgow
  • 16/05 - The Barfly - London
  • 17/05 - Art Academy @ Liverpool Sound City - Liverpool
  • 18/05 - Fleche D'Or - Paris, France (w/ EMA)
  • 19/05 - London Calling @ Paradiso - Amsterdam, Holland