Last year beloved art-pop duo The Blow released their latest album Brand New Abyss in their native North America, but they are yet to unleash it officially on European soil. For the new release, set to come out next month, they have included a new track called 'Afterparty', which we have the pleasure of premiering today.

'Afterparty' finds our protagonist in situ at a party, but not exactly feeling the vibe. "What is your deal?/ I've been looking at you/ Staring at the planet like you own the place/ and who knows, you probably do/ some bastard has to." The rest of the song unfolds as a train-of-thought piece, like the best of The Blow, where Khaela Maricich touches on several topics that frustrate and enliven her. She takes us through the heart and mind of the subject of her attention, and comes out quite dispirited; "nothing ever satisfies/ the hunger in your starry eyes." Accompanied by simplistic programmed drums and niggling synthesizer melodies from Melissa Dyne, 'Afterparty' comes across as a clean and complex statement from the duo.

Check it out below, and read more about the new version of Brand New Abyss and The Blow's WOMANPRODUCER collective beneath.

The UK version of Brand New Abyss will be coming out through WOMANPRODUCER on March 16th. Speaking about the release of the new version of Brand New Abyss, The Blow told us:

"This could sound a little bit cavalier, and no doubt everyone making an album feels this way to some degree, but when making Brand New Abyss we really were on a hunt to produce sounds that we hadn’t heard before, but which still sounded intimate and emotionally articulate. Our intention was to make a bridge between popular music forms and experimental sound. To this end we built a rig of analog and modular synthesizers and developed a system of multi-layered signal flow that enables the two of us to produce electroacoustic music live, in more or less the same way that we work in the studio. We took our time composing the songs, working quite methodically and giving each composition a lot of careful focus to find the most ideal sound for each expression; we once met an artist in New York who handed out business cards that read, “MINIMALISM IS HARD.” The extended charm of the card is that the artist didn’t include their name or any way to credit them for their work, the commitment was total.

After releasing our album and making a tour of the US, we were in a bit of a mood to fuck sh#t up. We had spent so much time developing this instrument together and finding ways of playing it, we really wanted to cut loose and just let it rip, to see what we could do with it. Throughout the tour, visiting all corners of this country, we got to measure the atmosphere in the spaces where people come together: it was electric with the absurdity of our current national situation. It’s a sort of compounding awareness that the way that things have gone in the past isn’t working, on all fronts. It left us feeling raw and wild and uncareful, ready to sort of gleefully hack our way towards whatever the new thing is."

Even more important is the fact that Brand New Abyss is the first release through The Blow's WOMANPRODUCER collective, an initiative set up as a platform for female, trans and non-binary musicians. As The Blow's Khaela Maricich puts it, it is meant to “highlight these creators’ frequently untold histories and encourage the generation of more materials by and about these producers and technologists.”