Update: Listen to the new track right now:

Update: The mysterious event is streaming now. Head here to watch. [via FACT]

Among the clutter of Record Store Day gems, singles, and reissues, there existed one stand-out prize: a limited collection of mysterious Boards Of Canada vinyl prints. After tireless scouring, one of the 12" copies popped up on eBay for extraordinary costs (at one point it reached over $4,000 U.S.), but they were part of a bigger puzzle.

It was the first confirmed news of new material from the elusive Scottish brother duo, which is leading up to the June 10th release of Tomorrow's Harvest on long-time label Warp Records. Today, the group revealed on its Twitter page the possible final piece to the endeavor:

The location, it seems, is a giant television screen at a large crossing in Tokyo. This technique isn't unfounded however. Some may remember prior to the release of The King Of Limbs, the most-recent Radiohead album, the band tried the same thing, only to have the event canceled because of reported "public safety reasons," according to a city representative.

Considering the disparaging size of each acts' fan-base, that may not be an issue May 22nd.