American metal band The Body have announced a new album called No One Deserves Happiness, which they hope will be "the grossest pop record of all time." Now, even using the word "pop" in this instance is a little more than just a stretch, as the careening crash and wail of first single 'Shelter Is Illusory' can testify; listen to that bleakly titled morsel of music beneath these words.

No One Deserves Happiness is out 18th March on Thrill Jockey; its tracklist is below (album artwork above).

  • No One Deserves Happiness tracklist:
  • 1. Wanderings
  • 2. Shelter Is Illusory
  • 3. For You
  • 4. Hallow / Hollow
  • 5. Two Snakes
  • 6. Adamah
  • 7. Starving Deserter
  • 8. The Fall and the Guilt
  • 9. Prescience
  • 10. The Myth Arc