On your 18th birthday, it's normally the given ritual to pop down the pub with your mates (or with your dad if he's a sentimental kinda guy), flash your ID, and sip on that first legal drink. For the next few months, even if you don't fancy or drink or buying an 18 rated film, you gain a certain swagger in your step when you walk past a pub or a shop knowing that you can go in there and, if they challenge your age, you can prove them wrong with one flash of your ID. "I am of age now, I can do adult things," you might roar. Of course, being a fragrance, Lynx Africa can't quite do any of that. So what does it do instead to celebrate its 18 years on the planet? Oh, it only gets famous artists to create works of art inspired by it.

At 18 years old, Africa is the longest running variant of Lynx fragrances so it only seems right to celebrate that in style. '18 Years of Africa' sees Lynx deliver 18 original artworks inspired by a scent that most men are well acquainted with. Mixing together sculptors such as Arran Gregory, cartoonists such as Jim'll Paint It and Major Lazer art director Ferry Grouw, graffiti artists and graphic artists, photographers and visual artists, the project has a vibrant and diverse range of artworks inspired by Africa.

Some, such as Jim'll Paint It, best known for drawing ridiculous requests from fans on paint, were inspired by the nostalgia evoked by the birth year of the scent itself. Depicting Robert De Niro and Al Pacino duking it out with Nerf guns in someone's bedroom. Others, such as Simon Milner from Is Tropical, chose to show footage of a boxer training in a Jamestown boxing gym with Ghanaian music in the background. Each piece of art tries to capture the spirit of the scent, of Africa itself, or of the iconic red, green, and black palette synonymous with Lynx Africa.

There were, however, only 17 pieces commissioned, leaving an extra space free. So, instead of getting them a huge magnum bottle of champagne or chocolates you bought at the pound shop in a hurry because you forgot to get them a present, all Lynx asked for is some original artwork to celebrate Africa becoming a man from the general public to fill that empty spot. The winning entry, 'Adore Africa' by Tim Adams, is a complex drawing of two lion heads in unique typography created entirely through parallel lines. The project seemed as much about revealing exciting artistic talents as it was about Lynx Africa itself, and it really has displayed some unique and diverse pieces of art for its 18th birthday where most people would just end their birthday in a gutter somewhere. A real coming-of-age story.

    Image by Mehdi Lacoste
  • Image by Sam Coldy
  • Image by Kyle Platts